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Learn the art of Yoga

At GoYoga, you will learn the basics and have the opportunity to advance and deepen your yoga knowledge, the subject of yoga is infinitely large. The meaning of the word ashtanga in sanscript, an ancient Indian language, means eight limbs. The eight limbs path represents the yoga philosophy.

Knowledge and application of the eight limbs is a prerequisite for success in yoga as a whole. Yoga is a methodical system written down over five thousand years ago. It was created to eliminate physical, mental, and emotional suffering.


Our Founder

Anna Göransson, our Master Class Yoga Teacher, is from Stockholm yet she lived in California for many years where she started her yoga education at the well-known YogaWorks.

Twenty years later, she landed in the former health and spa resort Öregrund. Her goal is to regenerate the health and spa traditions in the northern part of Roslagen and to create a new, modern health spa open year-round.

Anna mixes different styles of yoga making each class is unique. Anna is also a certified Therapeutic Yoga Teacher through Urban Om Center for Yoga & Meditation in Stockholm. She combines her knowledge of YogaWorks Professional Yoga Teacher Training with her Therapeutic Training.

She teaches and engages in a more individualized and deeper level. Anna prefers a varying pace, both calm and strong yoga where she can use her charismatic energy and educational teaching methods.

Yoga balls on a sack

Yoga Ball Free Mini-Course

This course includes several video instructions on how to use The Original YogaBall. You can follow along and do different exercises. There is also an 8-page downloadable YogaBall Workshop booklet which contains a fully prepared workshop ‘Why Use YogaBall’. It is written for yoga teachers and yoga students wanting to deepen their knowledge.