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The Holistic Approach

The holistic view is key at GoYoga, it means that all parts of the body interact to a whole - the body, the soul, the thoughts and the feelings. The word holistic comes from the Greek word holos and means that reality cannot be reduced to the characteristics of the smaller units that build the whole. The holistic view sees the whole of the human being - the body, the soul, the thoughts and the feelings. It is all connected and it is all one!


The Original YogaBall

The story of the famous YogaBall from our founder Anna,

For a few years, I had a longing to create a yoga prop made out of cork. One day I was at home meditating, just being in my body, standing in my living room and looking at my yoga props. As I stood there looking at a pair of therapy balls made out of latex they literally transformed themselves into a pair made out of cork. The longing surfaced right in front of my eyes. Just like magic! It is a true story and I knew at that moment that that was it. The old saying; when you least expect it to happen it happens. Cork is a natural material that breathes and feels warm against your skin.

The Original Yoga Ball is now a part of my own and many others' lives, it is a bestseller and favourite yoga prop in yoga teachings.



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About Anna

“I first started to practice yoga in the year 2000 after longing to get back in shape. I had no idea that yoga was an ancient system with its purpose to eliminate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering. All I knew was that it left me feeling great, instantly!

Through the years of practicing and studying yoga, I discovered that there are some fundamentals of the human body that most of us were never taught. I have met over a thousand yoga students in my studios over the years and we have together addressed their most common questions.

I would like to save you the time and trouble by sharing these discoveries through my teachings. I promise you that with your passion and my know-how you will gain an understanding of yourself, your body and the philosophy of yoga. This will leave you confident to attend and enjoy any yoga class in the world.”

Anna’s Qualifications

  • YogaWorks, California and Urban Om, Stockholm Sweden.

  • Feb 2019 - Nov 2019: Second Degree in the Usui System of Natural Healing in Reiki, Reiki Master Kristina Bexell - Östhammar, Sweden

  • Summer June 2016, Yoga Alliance SUP Yoga Teacher Training - 25 RYT Surf Bus, Stockholm, Sofie Ringsten RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance.org.

  • Fall of 2012 to March 2014, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training - 300 RYT - Urban OM, Stockholm Neo Moreton, Dr. Timothy McCall, Ulrica Norberg, Jeanne Heileman, Deb Neubauer, and others.

  • Fall 2009 to Spring 2010, Professional Yoga Teacher Training - 300 RYT - Six months with mentor Erika Burkhalter.

  • 2007 - Mommy & Baby Yoga, - Lesley Fightmaster and Sarah Tyler

  • Fall 2006 - Prenatal Yoga, Linda Trumpfheller

  • Summer 2006 - The Roots of Yoga - 100 RYT - Dr. John T. Casey, Jeanne Heileman, Juris Zinberg

  • Spring 2005 - Teacher Training - 200 RYT - James Brown and Catherine Munro